Mourners Point clean up

The path way

A dive site that holds a special place in our hearts. It is known by a few names such as the slip, the yellow pole etc.

To us its known as Mourners Point, if you want to know why just ask next time ye see one of us!

We got in contact with Curragh Sub Aqua and they kindly accepted our request for help with cleaning up this scenic spot.

This is a great place to dive in high tide as it has a handy foot path, with road markings to boot.

On a low tide its not a great option as the rocks at the end can be tricky to negotiate.




Construction of a master piece

We had the usual shananigans of assembling our little green tent.

Usually this is used to hide from the glaring Irish sun today it would shelter us from the grey skies threatening us with some rain, thankfully if held off.

This little cove area is a great spot to sit as its fairly well sheltered.






Glamorous couple

We had a great turn out from our usual volunters and some eager new ones too!

Its always nice to see the enthusiasm the general public has for helping out on cleaning up a beach.








James Joyces tower

The iconic James Joyce Martello tower over looks the coast. Its on constant watch for pesky invaders.

The tower is open for most of the year to take a look around the museum.

You can also take a wander up the narrow stairs up onto the roof for an outstanding view of the coast line.

From here you can spot the other towers dotted along the coast that would act as signalling towers to pass on word of an invasion!






Returning heroes

The intrepid divers returning with tall tales from the deep. Plenty of wildlife was spotted and a fair amount of marine litter collected too.

By the time the last divers were out of the water the tide had come right in making it a slippy walk along the path.






Curragh Sub Aqua

Curragh Sub Aqua is one of the oldest dive clubs in the country.

The club started out way back in time in 1958 so its safe to say they know what their doing underwater.

They are based in sunny Sandycove and run trips all over Ireland.

These guys are very active and can be seen getting ready at the scenic little club house on the edge of the water.

You can get more info from or by visting their website




Triton Diving

Triton Divers were in attendance as usual with their boundless energy for all things scuba diving!

The lads run all kinds of courses and organise dive holidays to glamorous destinations abroad so check out their website for upcoming trips.








The problem of marine litter is not just limited to the usual plastic bags and tin cans.

Shards of pottery will eventually breakdown from wave erosion but until then they can be unsightly and dangerous to stand on in a barefoot.

We collected enough that we might even try our hand at some art!






Beer bottles

Some of our thrash haul contained beer cans, bottles and plastics.

This kind of marine litter is some of the most disturbing as its clear it has not travelled very far in the sea.

When piled up like this it highlights the amounts found along our beautiful coast that could easily be avoided.








Cheeky break time

Some of our volunteers chilling in the green palace. A few of them took their duty to man the BBQ incredibly serious.

The talk of receipies and correct procedures for the perfect burger were very in depth.  

Its a shame none of the chat of perfect cooking transferred to the chef as the burgers turned out in their usual char coal black!







Super volounteers

We would like to extend a special thank you to everyone at Curragh Sub Aqua. They turned out a lot of divers that did a fantastic job on our coastline.

Another mention should go to all the great Bray folk who braved the dart out from Wicklow to lend a helping hand. 

If you would like to take part in our next clean up jump on Facebook and give us a shout!