Green Shores Report: Our first one!


Welcome welcome, this is something new we are going to try out.

Each week we will produce a little report on all the science, articles, videos and shananigans we come across with the marine theme.

We will gather them here in a handy format to scroll through during working time while the boss is out, or if you are the boss, while you are pretending to work!

We would love to hear your thoughts on improvements and any criticisms or ideas. Just give us a tweet @greendivers or message us on Facebook.

So please take a look below for a quick draft of what we have planned.



“It’s like swimming in a sea of lemonade”. While this quote sounds like an kids dream spot for a dive it actually refers to the acidification of the sea from carbon dioxide absorption. The environment analyst for the BBC Roger Harrabin reports from Papua New Guinea on the effects the acidification is having on corals and fish life.

Meet Cuviers beaked whale, the deep diving champion of the mammal world. Scientists in California tracked the deepest and longest dive ever recorded. They also have a great info graphic to give you an idea of what the depth means compared to a building.

Rubbish on British beaches reached highest levels in two decades in 2013. Rebbeca Smithers reports for The Guardian about the results of the Marine Conservation  Society beach survey which shows some alarming facts about the rise in marine litter. Bull Island in Dublin even gets a mention but sadly not for a positive report.

Dolphin whistle translated by computer for the first time. So we are gonna have little whistling conversations? Well not exactly…

The Great Barrier Reef Obituary. Now that is one seriously morbid headline! Well its not great news for the barrier but this interactive tour is full of stunning pictures, videos and facts. When you have a few minutes to spare this is probably the coolest thing you can view this morning.



Want to be a marine biologist? (SAIL by AWOLNATION)


The Ultimate Dive. The Deepest dive in history: -209.6m


California Dreaming



Human Planet Oceans Into The Blue



Ugly is a strange choice of word to use for the appearance of an animal but sometimes its fitting.


These are some great tips that most divers stick too…


Yes yes it is about us but honestly how often will we get to send out a tweet like this!


Orca have been spotted around Ireland from time to time so its kinda relevant to us.



May 4th: Marine Wild Life Day. Sandycove. Dun Laoghaire.

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